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Gourmet Dog Treats, Toys, Collars, Leashes, and More

We are more than just a grooming shop.
We have the best organic gourmet dog treats, from every day treats, Birthday Cakes to Donuts for Dogs!
You can find name brand products like My Family Collars and Leashes, Chuckit! Launcher and Ball, Fluff and Tuff squeaker toys, Kong and Up Country.

Unique art prints, Locally made artwork and greeting cards, and pet magnets,
the store if full of the perfect gifts for any pet lover!

We even have a dog tag machine, bring your pup by and get a custom tag made in less than 2 minutes


We use only the best products for your furry one.

Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, that are safe for the environment. 

Hypo- Allergenic Tearless Shampoo is thick and rich formulated with Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and essential oils. This Shampoo works with the animals natural oils so it gently cleans, and rinses easily - never drying or irritating skin. Aloe Vera protects against flaky dry skin offering precious vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Safe to use as often as you would like, and is safe for the environment.

Dog Grooming

Our Oatcare Oatmeal Shampoo is a natural source of vegetable protein that leaves the coat so smooth and
soft. Completely Hypo-allergenic, Non-Alcohol, and formulated with Colloidal Oatmeal and Jojoba Oil to
aid the treatment of dry, itchy irritate skin. Perfect for puppies and kittens over the age of 6 weeks.

Vita-Silk Conditioner is a superior silk protein that replenishes the skin and coat with shine enhancing
vitamins designed for prolonged hair growth and restructuring. Vita-Silk is pH balanced with no alcohol or
silicone. This vitamin based conditioner is effective treatment for dry, itchy skin associated with allergies
or dandruff related problems. This conditioner is also used for de-matting and de-tangling.


At Dog's Little Acre and The Pup Wash Mobile Grooming value the health of every pet and requires Rabies to be up to date before bringing in for Grooming Services

Please bring in your pets current Vet History and we will gladly make a copy or Please have your Vet email them over to us at -

We understand that vaccination situations for Puppies and Senior pups may vary, please call the shop with
any questions at 757-665-2275

Grooming Prices


Starting at $55

INCLUDES: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, brush-out, ear cleaning, glands, nail trim, cologne & a bandana

• Small (under 20 lbs)     $55
Double Coat + $5

• Medium (21-45lbs)       $60
Double Coat + $10

​• Large (46-75lbs)           $65
Double Coat + $15

​• X-Large (76-105lbs)      $70
Double Coat + $20

​• XX-Large (106lbs & up) $75
Double Coat + $20

Starting at $65

INCLUDES: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, brush-out, ear cleaning, glands, nail trim, face/feet/sani-trim, cologne & a bandana

• Small (under 20 lbs) $65
*Double Coat + $5

• Medium (21-45lbs) $70
*Double Coat +$10

• Large (46-75lbs) $75
*Double Coat + $15

​• X-Large (76-105lbs) $80
*Double Coat + $20

• XX-Large (106lbs & up) $85
*Double Coat + $20


Starting at $75

INCLUDES: shampoo,  conditioner, blow dry, brush-out, ear cleaning, glands, nail trim, full hair cut, cologne, & a bandana

• Small (under 20 lbs)      $75
   *Double Coat                +$5
• Medium (21-45lbs)        $85
   *Double Coat              +$10

• Large (46-75lbs)           $90
   *Double Coat              +$15

• X-Large (76-105lbs)      $95
   *Double Coat              +$20

• XX-Large (106lbs &up)$100
*Double Coat +$20


With our experienced professional trainer, Dory, we offer easy and flexible training options for your and your dog.


We offer at home, group and private lesson training with sessions that are meant for your dogs breed and disposition.


Please call our shop for more information!

Happy Dog